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A prom is a teenager’s first social dance and the first opportunity for a young lady to feel not only special, but also glamorous. It’s a huge milestone at best, as it’s one of the most anticipated days of a High School student’s tenure, besides graduation, of course!

Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to visit The Young Women’s Leadership School of Queens in New York, where I met with a group of the most bright and intelligent young ladies, to speak about accessorizing for their prom. Thus, knowing how to choose prom accessories is key when putting together a formal look and opulent fashion jewelry adds a touch of glam and sparkle to any ensemble. Essentially, the jewelry you choose signifies your own personal stamp, while highlighting the details of your gown.

Accordingly, I gave the girls a crash course on choosing their jewelry based on the neckline of their dress, style of dress, color of dress, and hairstyle. Likewise, most of the girls had pictures of their dresses, so we had one-on-ones about selecting pieces from www.madisongems.com that would compliment their looks.

Ify Onwualu as instructor for the day.

Ify Onwualu as instructor for the day.

Furthermore, in conjunction with the teachers, we conducted fun academic challenges where three girls won fabulous prizes from Madison Gems to wear to the prom. Withal, I had a wonderful day meeting these young ladies. We bonded instantly as they expressed plans about their future goals and aspirations. They were a breath of fresh air and a joy to be around. I truly felt honored to be in the presence of tomorrow’s scholars, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

The grand prize winners.

The grand prize winners.



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