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Ify Onwualu as a “Bling Queen” for Halloween.

With Halloween around the corner and the holiday season rapidly approaching, an overflow of masquerade ball invitations will be headed your way via first class mail.

A masquerade ball is a soirée that requires attendees to wear a mask and costume. It’s a celebration that evokes a sense of excitement, mystery and opulence, giving your guests the opportunity to not only be creative with their attire, but to socialize more freely, as they are in disguise. Ergo, These social gatherings date back to the 15th Century, where elaborate and decadent celebrations of marriage, dances and pageants were held only for the upper class.

Conversely, the concept of the masquerade ball has changed considerably throughout the centuries; it’s still a party that requires attendees to wear masks and costumes. However, it’s not a secretive event meant solely for the elite. Oftentimes, they’re typically black-tie affairs for just about any occasion. (i.e. Halloween, Christmas, New Years, birthdays, weddings, valentine’s day, proms, charity events or just because).

Accordingly, when it comes to choosing a masquerade mask there are three main factors that play into deciding what to wear to an event; it depends on the occasion, your outfit, and the image you want to convey. For a general masquerade party, any type of mask goes. Whether you have on a LBD, a costume, or denim, the Ornate Feather Half Mask from www.madisongems.com will be the perfect pairing with your ensemble.

Ornate Feather Half Mask

Ornate Feather Half Mask $20

On the other hand, if you’re attending a fancy schmancy, aristocrtic affair, that requires an elaborate evening gown or a super glamorous dress, then you need to step up your game ten-fold. Undoubtedly, you must go with a majestic, stately mask, such as the Crystal Masquerade Mask, which comes in four different styles at www.madisongems.com.

Crystal Cat Eye Floral Mask $22

Crystal Cat Eye Floral Mask $22

Gold Pave Crystal Mask $22

Gold Pave Crystal Mask $22

Marquise Crystal Mask $22

Marquise Crystal Mask $22

Cat Eye Black Rhinestone Mask $25

Cat Eye Black Crystal Mask $25

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