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IMG_1203I can’t believe it’s our 2nd Anniversary already. It feels like yesterday when we 1st launched our website www.madisongems.com to the entire World. Throughout the past two years, we’ve had the opportunity and privilege to work with so many wonderful people likewise small businesses, but most of all we’ve made many new friends and trusted alliances.

Our two-year gem-adventure has been nothing short of extraordinary because at Madison Gems we don’t just retail jewelry & accessories; we believe the perfect accessory has the power to make you feel great about yourself all the time. In this fashion, we’re a boutique where you can celebrate your unique style one accessory or two or three at a time lol.

At Madison Gems jewelry and accessories aren’t just tangible ornaments, they’re gems that make people admire and appreciate their appearance; they help to exude a sense of pride and enrich lives daily. Hence, Madison Gems is synonymous with luxury and joy. Therefore, you will undoubtedly always find that perfect piece you’ve been looking for and discover new trinkets and treasures to treat yourself and your loved ones.

Over the past two years we’ve grown tremendously, we purvey trendy men’s, women’s, children and wedding/bridal jewelry & accessories. As well, we even acquired jewelry from our CEO’s birthplace Nigeria, in addition to opulent Farasha kaftans from the Far East. Therefore, providing you the best quality and value so you can shop with peace of mind is our #1 staple. On top, we’ll always aspire to have the perfect pieces to help you look your best and to compliment your big days as well as your every day ensembles.

In the past two years Madison Gems achieved several milestones:

  • Madison Gems has been featured in a few blog publications
  • Our ads were featured in two online magazines
  • We helped raise funds for an elementary school in Ghana
  • We’ve sponsored several small businesses events
  • We jewelry styled our 1st Art Deco Themed Wedding Photo Shoot
  • We spoke to High School Seniors about accessorizing for Prom
  • We donated jewelry to High School seniors for their Prom
  • A celebrity wore our jewelry
  • We attended our 1st accessories trade show
  • Madison Gems was a vendor for the 1st time
  • We’ve donated to non-profit organizations with causes dear to us
  • We accessorized our 1st Bride
  • We accessorized our 1st Bridal Party
  • We were retained for our 1st Bridal Party Gift order
  • We instructed our 1st Accessorizing 101 class
  • We sponsored several events to feed the homeless
  • We donated jewelry to the homeless for job interviews
  • We accessorized our 1st pageant contestant (and she won!)

At Madison Gems our philosophy is centered on the belief that clients should be treated like royalty. Thus, we endeavor to express our deepest appreciation in every package we ship. We call it the Madison Gems experience; hence, our complimentary gift-wrapping, personalized handwritten thank you cards from the CEO herself and stellar customer service.

Ergo, Madison Gems has sustained itself because of our magnificent clientele and we thank you dearly for the trust and confidence you’ve placed in us. In a World full of so many choices, our clients choose us time and time again and we assure you that we don’t take your trust for granted.

As we continue to garner a stronger relationship with you, we fully recognize that your support and the continued trust that you place in us is the foundation of our success. You are at the center of everything we do and we will work tirelessly towards ensuring that we meet and exceed your expectations in a fair, professional and luxurious way.

We’re now embarking on our journey to year three… then four, then five, and so on. Withal, this business is truly a gift, a creative blessing, and an experience beyond our words. We’re uber excited for the growth leading up to year three. So please make sure you subscribe to this blog and follow us on our social media channels, as great new things will arise from us in year three. Thank you to all who have made this possible. Thank you for this gem-tastic adventure, for the endless possibilities of growth and for your loyalty to Madison Gems. We look forward to continuosly serving you and exceeding your expectations. Let’s toast to two wonderful years. Clink Clink!

Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary to us!


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“My favorite thing about running Madison Gems is the sense of accomplishment that I feel once a clients life has been impacted. There’s an added boost of confidence they receive by accessorizing their wardrobes with my merchandise.” -Ify Onwualu



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