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The Wades, The Obamas and Oprah & Stedman

It’s finally February, the month of love, love and more love. If you’re anything like me you’ve come to a point, where you want to be wowed with an over-the-top present, that’ll send your social media followers into an “ooh and ahh” frenzy. So let’s face it, drugstore chocolates are pretty much a cliché, flowers wilt pretty fast, balloons deflate in no time and stuffed animals eventually got tossed to the side. While super sweet and with the greatest of intentions, those gifts are definitely not revolutionary. I mean they’re cute, but why not gift something that lets love sparkle. Trust me! Everyone globally is secretly screaming “Valentine, please note that jewelry & accessories are truly the key to my heart.”

Now that I’ve revealed our secret, I’ve gone ahead a created a gifting solution by putting together a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide of glimmer and gleam for men, women and children. Hey! why not celebrate love with something that makes a big impact with a shelf life longer than a week. Likewise, we all know the best statements are made through the expression of jewelry. Anywho! be sure to take my foolish advice and leave this blog open, there’s nothing wrong with being conspicuous, so you can get your sparkle on.

Here’s to celebrating love…


Click here for our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.



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