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Celebrities wearing diamonds… (L to R Queen Latifah, Tyler Perry and Zoe Kravitz).

For those individuals born in April, you were truly born into a month of fortune, because the most prized birthstone belongs to this month and it’s none other than the ubiquitous Diamond. In fact, there’s an old saying that diamonds are a girls best friend; likewise, they’re a boy’s best friend too. Hence, that’s why a diamond is universally recognized as a token of wealth, power, and romance.

Historically, diamonds first became a popular gemstone in India, when the Moghuls and Imperial Colony could easily mine diamonds from deposits along three of their major rivers. As a matter of fact, some historians estimate it was traded as early as 4 BC. One of the reasons it’s so admired and valued is because of the assiduous process by which a diamond must be formed well below the earth’s crust, and then forced upward until it is uncovered.

Nevertheless, before the process was understood, many ancient civilizations believed that diamonds were lighting made real on earth. Perhaps this is the reason that diamonds have often been associated with extraordinary healing powers. What’s more, is many thought diamonds could cure brain disease, alleviate pituitary gland disorders and draw toxins from the blood.

Diamonds are the hardest gemstone and it’s made of just one element, which is carbon. Its structure makes it 58 times harder than anything in nature and can only be cut with another diamond. Diamonds come in several colors, including but not limited to: yellow, red, pink, blue, and green, and range in intensity from faint to vivid. Generally speaking, the more saturated the color, the higher the value. In fact, diamonds sparkling with intense color are rare and may be priced higher than a colorless diamond of equal size because lavish-colored diamonds are very desirable. These colors are oftentimes introduced in a laboratory; and as a result, these are correctly called color-treated diamonds.

Today, the diamond is most widely known as the stone to give as part of an engagement ring. Throughout history, however, the diamond has nearly always symbolized eternal and lasting love. Therefore, the larger and finer the diamond, the greater the expression of love. So whether you’re celebrating an April birthday, a 60th or 75th wedding anniversary, you’re getting engaged, or simply want to give yourself a truly meaningful gift, giving a diamond means giving a perfectly beautiful gift that will truly stand the test of time as the diamond has both beauty and enduring symbolism.

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