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We all know that fashion jewelry is a great and fun way to elevate an ensemble; it’s ideally wallet-friendly, but can also be very delicate. So to prevent those gems from tarnishing, follow our jewelry care and cleaning tips, which will keep your fashion jewelry always looking fresh and fabulous.

Care and cleaning tips:

  • Fashion jewelry should be worn last and taken off first when dressing. This is to prevent make-up and other cosmetics from accidentally staining your jewelry.
  • Always handle your fashion jewelry on the metal surfaces only. Don’t place your fingers on the stones. Oftentimes, even after you wipe off your fingerprints, residual oils remain and attract dirt.
  • Never wear your jewelry in the shower or pool. Soap residue, hair conditioner and other chemicals, don’t rinse off as thoroughly from your gemstones as they do from your skin and hair. As a result, your jewelry can discolor, dull or fade. In addition, rhinestone jewelry with foil backing should never be submerged into water. Also, remember to remove fashion rings prior to washing hands.
  • Don’t keep fashion jewelry in your bathroom. The steam and moisture can damage metals and stones.
  • Never have fashion jewelry in direct contact with perfume. It is best to put on your jewelry after you’ve sprayed on your perfume. Most perfumes are alcohol based and can destroy the coating on gold and silver pieces.
  • Wiping jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth ($5 at madisongems.com) is sufficient to clean most jewelry items. However, for severely tarnished items, commercial jewelry cleaners i.e. Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes ($10 at www.madisongems.com) can be used safely on most metals. However, organic gems like pearls, amber, coral and porous gems like turquoise and opal should never be subjected to chemicals. For these gems, wipe gently with a soft cloth after each wear.
  • Avoid wearing fashion jewelry while exercising. Perspiration and sweat can cause your jewelry to tarnish.
  • Protect your fashion jewelry by spraying it with Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss ($10.98 at Michaels, Walmart and Amazon.com). This miracle spray will make your metallic, wood, or plastic jewelry last for years without chipping or fading. However, if they’re gems in your jewelry, it’s best to cover them with masking tape before spraying to avoid dulling.
Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss Spray ($10.98, Walmart, Amazon, or Michaels)

Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss Spray ($10.98, Walmart)

  • Store fashion jewelry in a dry, cool and dust-free environment. They should be stored in cloth jewelry pouches or in a hanging jewelry organizer ($21 at madisongems.com). However, don’t have all your jewelry jumbled together. This will prevent tangling, scratching and minor breaks. It’s also best to store silver and gold pieces in separate compartments to avoid tarnishing. Nonetheless, jewelry with pearls or opal should be stored in fabric, as they are porous gems and they need to breathe.
  • Always store beaded jewelry on a flat surface. Beaded jewelry, especially those strung on silk like pearls, stretch over time. Additionally, take into consideration that pearls should be restrung every two years or so.
  • In the event that your jewelry or accessories break, you may use small tweezers to adjust links and Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal Glue ($6.61 at Walmart) to adjust and replace stones and crystals.
Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Glue ($6.61, Walmart)

Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal Glue ($6.61, Walmart)

Concisely, we love the jewelry and accessories we sell you, and we want your “Gems” to keep its sparkle and last for as long as they can. So use these care and cleaning tips to keep your jewelry looking like you just bought it!

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