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Have you ever wondered what to do with broken or half-missing fashion jewelry or accessories? If so, we’ve got a solution that will have you doing the happy dance, literally. With the holiday season in full swing and gift-wrapping on the rise, I’ve got a cute little enhancement idea, that’s sure to sparkle under any holiday tree.

For some! Gift-wrapping has become antiquated, so a lot of people have fled to using gift bags instead. However, there are still some of us who find joy in traditional gift-wrapping, as well as those who enjoy receiving gifts that have been meticulously wrapped.

No matter the occasion you can turn cast-off fashion jewelry into one-of-a-kind accents for gift-wrapping. Just purchase your favorite wrapping paper as well as your favorite ribbon fabric (we prefer satin ribbon), and then embellish your beautifully wrapped work of art with your broken treasures. FYI! Your broken fashion jewelry is way too beautiful to keep tucked away in a jewelry box or thrown out in the trash. That’s right! There’s no need to dispose of that broken brooch, necklace, bracelet, ring or half missing earring anymore. Let them take flight as conversation pieces to your dearest family, friends and favorites.

You’ve already taken the time to purchase the perfect gift and wrap it to show that extra dose of “You mean the World to me,” so why not make that wrapping extra special and pleasing to the receiver and show off your DIY skills and of course your beautiful collection of trinkets and treasures. At the end of the day, every broken piece of jewelry and accessory should have a chance to be in the spotlight this holiday season or on any occasion as a matter of fact.

Below are some of my broken earrings that I used as gift accents. I really hope this idea gives you inspiration and a little joy. Be sure to tag @MadisonGems in your gift-wrapping pics on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, so we can see your gem-fabulous designs.

Thank you for a wonderful year of blogging and feedback. I love you guys dearly. Have a Happy Holiday season & an even happier New Year Gems.

Happy wrapping!

what to do with broken jewelry?

Half-missing earrings used to embellish gifts…

what to do with broken jewelry

Pearls, Crystals & Epoxy stones used to elevate gifts.



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