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There’s no greater feeling than shopping; it feels fantastic, especially the excitement of finding a bargain or a rare find. That feeling of satisfaction puts a smile on our faces and ultimately boosts our day. Oftentimes, there’s even a thrill of sharing this news amongst family, friends and favorites. So imagine if you shopped for a cause at www.madisongems.com and that purchase enabled you to help send young children to school in Ghana, West Africa. You’d be guaranteed a complete sense of fulfillment and joy every time you see or wear a piece of jewelry from our Gems for Education collection, by way of the Mother Mary Children of Ghana Aid Foundation (MMCGAF) Inc.

Mother Mary Children of Ghana Aid Foundation (MMCGAF) Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that acts as an intermediary between Ghana and the United States campaigning for resources to support a needy child’s educational goals and ambitions by retailing an extraordinary collection of handcrafted goods. Designed to enrich and improve lives, this organization makes achieving an education possible for the children of the Mount Mary Demonstration School in Adjikpo Yokunya, Ghana, West Africa; which is an annex of the Mt. Mary College of Education teaching school.


Logo Design: Brandon Torres

There’s an amazing story behind how Madison Gems and MMCGAF were able to collaborate. About a year ago I made a call to an organization with tons of inquiries pertaining to Madison Gems. The person on the receiving end of the phone was Haydee Torres of Nostri Momenta Photography. Immediately, Haydee and I connected so we exchanged e-mail addresses on that call. After a few weeks of corresponding via e-mail we friended each other on Facebook and Instagram where we were able to bond, not only socially but also spiritually.

In time, I came to understand that one of Haydee’s mantra is “People should help each other.” Considering, one day Haydee contacted me about a cause that her church instituted and offered me the opportunity to sell their jewelry on my website, as a means to educate less fortunate children, from a remote village in Ghana. Withal, I was super excited and thrilled to participate in this Global humanitarian effort. Haydee didn’t know it, but one of my goals for Madison Gems was to contribute towards charitable endeavors by way of donating my time and talent. Accordingly, as champions for education and charity, Madison Gems is now selling this masterful one-of-a-kind jewelry from Ghana on behalf of MMCGAF and a portion of all proceeds will contribute towards adolescent education, making it a meaningful symbol as well as a unique gift for yourself or a loved one. Shop now and bring hope to Ghanaian children in need of an education.


Seed-Bead Cuff Bracelet $22

Hand-Painted Multi-Bead Necklace Set $40

Hand-Painted Multi-Bead Necklace Set $40

Carved Bead Stretch Bracelet

Carved Bead Stretch Bracelet $20

Hand-Painted Powder Glass Beaded Necklace Set $30

Hand-Painted Powder Glass Beaded Necklace Set $30

Beaded Hand-Painted Stretch Bracelet $15

Beaded Hand-Painted Stretch Bracelet $15

Recycled Glass & Painted Bead Necklace Set $35

Recycled Glass & Painted Bead Necklace Set $35


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